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Слушать музыку Видеоклип itera - Dead Isand The consistency, texture and color of your stool are helpful barometers of your health. Being knowledgeable about your digestive process can help you identify when normal goes awry.

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itera - Dead Isand

Продолжительность mp3: 03:18
Дата добавления: 2017-02-01
Текст просмотрен: 429
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Текст песни:

Darkness, sparke.
Eyeba zoom out.
She ooks excited, is it Chrisas?
No. She's... dead...
Burning guy, haway,
Dancing burning guy, egs,
Stop, drop, and ro, man
Running, fa up.

Princess of Persia, running.
Back to checkpoint.
Hugging Dad, WAIT, she's a zombie.
Fashback, them too.
At east that one's hot.
Just ooking on the bright side.

Never give a zombie gir a piggy back ride.
I'm not crying,
there's something in both my eyes.
Pu a hatchet in.
Gir amost made it out.
Dad's a badass.
Firt with the zombie.
After he kis her boyfriend.
No I didn't order room service,
thanks anyway. Why'd you vacation
at a pace caed Dead Isand?
Didn't you read the pamphet?
Yep it next time.
She got bitten,
Dad keeps hitting.
Zombies suck man.
Chop off her ha-hand.
Embrace Dad.
This vacation sucked.


Tite card.

Home movies without Zombies.
When Dead Isand... wasn't.
Wave, goodbye.

Видеоклип itera - Dead Isand

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