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Hoywood Undead - для зомби игр подойдет

Продолжительность mp3: 04:34
Дата добавления: 2018-06-13
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Danny (Chorus)
We are, we are, we are made from broken parts
We are, we are, we are broken from the start
And our hearts our hearts, they were beating in the dark
Cause we are, we are, we are buit from broken parts

Johnny 3 Tears
If you can ose it a then wecome to Broadway
Siicone dreams and your name on the marque
And I can hod it up but I hod it up hardy
Its hotter here in he but its gettin rea dark see
So a you sick and the bitterness of the oney
Now a you overdosed and you mies of coke-fiends
And every step, another step you waking on my dreams
And every breath, another breath you breathing when I breath
I watch them a come, gotta watch the rest go
Im married to the devi In the City of Anges
So come a you wicked to the word of the empty
You know I need it a so baby dont tempt me
Knockin on your door. Nope, nobody sent me
Just checkin a you bitches ike Im checkin this check sheet
So put your hats on. ohner dont get soft
You can see God when I take my mask off


The pain is your best friend, you ove it no questions
Beating down the door its the face of rejection
And once again its a tragedy anthem
We never wanted more, we never needed your bessing
Who can give a fuck about a kid with a dream
Cause stories arent tod about the ones unseen
With the geam in his eye, his midde finger to the sky
Crooked smie on your face and doesnt think he can die
So grab a pick and an axe cause we try we cry
Into the botte of Jack, we die inside
So when you ook in his eyes, whatcha you see now
Murder the monster you made and watch him beed out
Were in a ife where its ki or ose
Just ie motherfucker ti you hear the truth
From under to street, through the gutters of youth
Just cry motherfucker. Yeah, Im taking to you


Danny& J-Dog
(No one, no one can take away whats ours.)
From the City of Anges an empty vesse of devis
Is there no one to save us
Through my eyes see the word that you gave us

Видеоклип Hoywood Undead - для зомби игр подойдет

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