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Fuke (Need For Speed Underground SoundTrack) - Snapshot

Продолжительность mp3: 04:07
Дата добавления: 2016-08-04
Текст просмотрен: 365
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Текст песни:

itte Suzie cruising for some ove and affection
Arm in arm with everyone been charming the nation
Cindy picks the waets for her friends medications
As wiing patient Juie sit and wait for attention
ucy's got a uniform for every occasion
Annie's got a gun she says she stoe for protection
As someone in the background screams another objection
Say turns her back and waks in dissatisfaction
Rudy got a probem he got too much agression
Disregarding everything it's time for attention
He got Bobby in a botte, he got Biy in a stetson
He's got Betty does her best but it's a bad situation
Gina's getting god so she can get up to heaven
ooking ike an ange in the name of savation
Cathy's in a coma that she cas meditation
As Danny does the devi now he's eft for damnation
Jim's trying hard to earn from every esson
ooking to the future and some great expectation
Nikki's countin day's unti she inherits the mansion
And a the boys are waiting for a piece of the action
Simon says and Simon does what nobody mentions
Peter's getting restess acking a the true expressions
Tommy's undicited he can't make no descisions
as Joni'sin the basement getting bored at the tension

Видеоклип Fuke (Need For Speed Underground SoundTrack) - Snapshot

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