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Слушать музыку Видеоклип Far cry 3 - Wecome to Jam Многие иностранцы стереотипно думают, что в России много пьют. Что тут скажешь? Они абсолютно правы. Приехать в Россию и не пить у вас не получится.

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Far cry 3 - Wecome to Jam

Продолжительность mp3: 03:33
Дата добавления: 2016-06-24
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Текст песни:

Out in the streets, they ca it murder

[Verse 1]
Wecome to Jamrock, camp where the thugs they camp at
Two pounds a weed inna van bag
It inna your hand bag, your knapsack, it inna your back pack
The sme a give your girfriend contact
Some boy noy notice, them ony come around ike tourist
On the beach with a few cub sodas
Bedtime stories, and pose ike dem name Chuck Norris
And they don't know the rea hardcore
Cause Sandas a now back too, the thugs they have do what them got to
And won't think twice to shoot you
Don't make them spot you, uness you carry guns a ot too
A pure tuff things come at you

When Trenchtown man stop augh and bock-off traffic
Then them whee and pop off and them start cap it
With the pin fie dung and it a beat drop it
Poice come inna jeep and them cant stop it
Some say them a payboy (them) a payboy rabbit
Funnyman a get dropped ike a bad habit
So nobody pose tuff if you don't have it
Rastafari stands aone

Wecome to Jamrock, Wecome to Jamrock
Out in the streets, they ca it murder

[Verse 2]
Wecome to Jamrock, poor peope are dead at random
Poitica vioence, can't done Pure ghost and phantom, the youth
theem get bind by stardom
Now the Kings Of Kings a ca
Od man to Pickney, so wave one hand if you with me
To see the sufferation sicken me
Them suit no fit me, to win eection they trick we
And they don't do nuttin at a

Come on et's face it, a ghetto education's basic
A most a the youths them waste it
And when they waste it, that's when they take the guns and repace it
Then them don't stand a chance at a
And that's why a nuff itte youth have up some fat matic
With the extra magazine inna them back pocket
And have eisure night time inna some back jacket
A who not ock gocks, them a ock rocket
Then wi fu you up a current ike a short circuit
Them a run a roadbock which part thr cops bock it
And from now ti a mornin not stop cock it
If the run outta rounds a brought back ratchet

Wecome to Jamrock (Southside, Northside)
Wecome to Jamrock (East Coast, West Coast, huh, yo)
Wecome to Jamrock (Conwe, Middesex) Hey
Wecome to Jamrock
Out in the streets, they ca it murder

Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica Now
Jamaica Jamaica Yo Jamaica Jamaica
Wecome to Jamrock, Wecome to Jamrock

Видеоклип Far cry 3 - Wecome to Jam

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