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Eminem - Don't Front (ft. Buckshot) (Ca of Duty Ghosts Bonus Track)

Продолжительность mp3: 04:44
Дата добавления: 2016-03-26
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[Verse 1 Eminem]
Used to getting bent, now I represent to the fuest
Penci is fu of insoent buets
I'm ike a Doberman Pinscher, Pitbu and a Rott'
Mixed with a toxic, the pot begins to thicken
I begin to spitting ike vintage Pac, demented
Demonic sinister, ever since the the Doc repenished me
The day he gave me that shot when I was just 'bout to quit
So to not see him with me woud be a shocking image
And I'm the definition of what a concrete chin is
Cause no matter how many times you sock me in it
And knock me to the canvas, even the boxing critics
Know that if I get off to a rocky start, I' aways have a Rocky finish
Eat me brocoi, spinach, cocky? Nope
But I hope I offended you when I tod ya how dope I am at this
And put emphasis on the "dope," so when names come up
In that conversation of who's the dopest, better throw mine in it
And don't mind me, whie I remind you of the fow
You won't find anywhere, where it fires and I unoad my pen expodes
'ti there's no rhymes in it, reoad in no time
et insuts fy even sixty seconds that go by, so you know I meant it
In schoo I was so shy, timid
Two pairs of jean's I'd aternate, bummy cothes, I 'member
Begging my mom for Kmart MacGregors cause they were new
St. Vincent de Pau, those Pony's were used, and no size fitted
But kissed them od days, adios, I did it
They said I was a gimmick, now I'm the one that those guys mimic
Now you fuckers don't wanna go starting no argument
Cause you know I' win it, name a fow that's more authentic and don't front

[Hook Buckshot]
Don't front, you know I got you open, kid

[Verse 2 Eminem]
Rest in piece to Big Proof, you was a beast, you yricay mirrored me
Moded my fow off of you, your spirit's fowing through me
I ove you, Doody - without you I fee so incompete
I'm no king, no need for rose petas to be thrown at my feet
I'm thrown at the side, get [?] into a throne
But watch the fucking tone when you speak
Fee ike I'm in the zone, I'm in a whoe different eague
I'm a motherfucking owner, it's just me, no opponents can compete
And I've never been known to retreat from beef
BPP, foow trends or waow in defeat
I'm sti hungry as fuck, but can't even say bon appetit
Cause I don't know what to eat, fucking microphone or the beat
Bitch, nobody's mind works ike mine
It's nose to the ground stone time, homes
Your mind's bown cause I rhyme ike I'm sti trying to get signed
Up in the Ebony Show cased with Denaun screaming
''Who the fuck passed you the mic?''
Never asked you ike my shit from the get
I'd rather ask you to wipe my ass, bitch
You had you a nice run, now take a hike
I ever meet my match I'mma strike that bitch first
Cause on the mic I gotta represent the rea rappers
The rea rappers get their motherfucking skis cracking
Word to Buckshot and [?], why the fuck not?
You don't ike it suck cock - amost forgot
Before I signed with the Doc I amost signed with Duckdown
Cause Rawkus didn't make no offers so motherfuck oud
They jerked me around so what's up now?
Wow, how much of an asshoe woud I sound ike
Rubbing it and hoding some grudge now
Don't front


[Verse 3 Eminem]
ate at night, used to catch a buzz, coudn't write
Now I write the type of shit to make you wipe
Away diapers cause you might eave the street
I'm on a street once you wipers coudn't wipe
It's hard to decipher what cypher I might jump into tonight
Cause I'm hyper or something needed someone that's ighting this fire under me
It's breathing new ife, it's ike I aready died once
I guess some peope ony ive twice, and it's funny
My days of being broke w

Видеоклип Eminem - Don't Front (ft. Buckshot) (Ca of Duty Ghosts Bonus Track)

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