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Eminem - Busines(ost GTAVice City)

Продолжительность mp3: 04:11
Дата добавления: 2016-06-24
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Текст песни:

[Dr. Dre] Marsha Sounds ike an S.O.S.
[Mathers] Hoy wack unyrica yrics Andre, you're fuckin right
[Dr. Dre] To the Rapmobie - et's go

(Marsha Marsha)

Bitches and gentemen It's SHOWTIME
Hurry hurry, step right up
Introducin the star of our show.. his name is..
You woudn't want to be anywhere ese in the word right now
So without further adieux, I bring to you

You bout to witness, hip-hop in its most purest
more rawest form, fow amost fawess
Most hardest, most honest known artist
Chip off the od bock, but oh Doc is BACK
ooks ike Baan brought his own Robin
Oh God, Saddam's got his own aden
With his own private pane, his own piot
Set to bow coege dorm rooms doors off the hinges
oranges, peach, pears, pums, syringes
(*chainsaw sound* VROOM VROOM Yeah, here I come
I'm inches, away from you, dear fear none
Hip-Hop is in a state of nine-one-one so..

[Chorus 2X Eminem]
et's get down to business
I don't got no time to pay around, what is this?
Must be a circus in town, et's shut the shit down
on these cowns can I get a witness? (HE YEAH)

Quick gotta move fast, gotta perform miraces
Gee wiikers Dre, "Hoy bat syabes"
ook at a the bushit that goes on in Gotham
when I'm gone, time to get rid of these rap criminas
So skip to your ou whie I do what I do best
You ain't even impressed no more you're used to it
Fows too wet, nobody cose to it
Nobody says it but sti everybody knows the shit
The most hated on out of a those who say they get hated on
in eighty songs and exaggerate it a so much
they make it a up, there's no such thing
ike a femae with good ooks who cooks and ceans
It just means so much more to so much more
peope when you're rappin and you know what for
The show must go on so I'd ike to wecome y'a
to Marsha and Andre's car-ni-va, c'mon Now


It's just ike od times, the Dynamic Duo
Two od friends, why panic? You aready know
who's fuy capabe, the two caped heroes
Dia straight down the center, eight-zero-zero
You can even ca coect, the most feared duet
since me and Eton, payed career Russian Rouette
And never even see me bink or get to bustin a sweat
Peope steppin over peope just to rush to the set
just to get to see an MC who breathes so freey
Ease over these beats and be so breezy
Jesus how can shit be so easy?
How can one Chandra be so evy?
Turn on these beats, MC's don't see me
Beieve me BET and MTV
are gonna grieve when we eave dog, fo' sheezy
Can't eave rap aone, the game needs me
'ti we grow beards, get weird and disappear
into the mountains - nothin but cowns down here
But we, ain't fuckin around round here
Yo Dre (whattup?) Can I get he..? (HE YEAH) Now


So there you have it foks (Marsha) has come to save the day
Back with his friend Andre, here to remind you that bushit does not pay
Because (Marsha) and Andre are here to stay
and never go away, unti our dying day
Unti we're od and grey (Marsha)
So unti next time friends, same bonde hair, same rap channe
Good night everyone, thank you for coming
Your host for the evening (Marsha)
Oh Heh

Видеоклип Eminem - Busines(ost GTAVice City)

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