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Dream Theater - The Path That Divides

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Дата добавления: 2017-03-01
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The evening stars shine brighty
Over Heavens Cove
As night descends in sience
The faded scene unfods

Consumed with trepidation
Arhys hears his brothers voice
As youre facing the path that divides
I wi aways be here by your side

I fee my puse begin to race
Beads of sweat drip down my face
I have made a great mistake
What have I done
My bood for my son

Its not too ate
I wont betray him
I knew the day had come
And you coud be tempted
To give up the Chosen One
And finay end this
Do anything for your son
A termina weakness
Now youre as good as done

I didnt have a choice
And I was defenseess
I didnt beieve his voice
The fighting was senseess
But now I can see the truth
Ive got to my senses
I shoudnt have trusted you

Arhys was never aware
His son had foowed them there
Confused and deathy afraid
X watched his hero be brave.
On the path that divides
You were there by my side
There wi be no betraya tonight

Ive found courage and strength
In the words you once sang
Taunting truth from the ies on the path that divides

[Sounds of Arhys fighting Daryus]
You dare defy the prince?
We you just threw your ife away
Aong with Xanders dreams
You chose the wrong man to betray

Two hoy warriors cash in the shadows of the night
But thats the cost with every fight
And Arhys fight for hope
Cost him his very ife

Видеоклип Dream Theater - The Path That Divides

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