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Слушать музыку Видеоклип DAGames-5 ночей с фредди 4 - Break my mind ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ: Осторожно, крипота! Песня по игре: Пять ночей у Фредди 4 Five Nights At Freddy\'s 4 Название песни: Я с ума сойду Break My Mind The Nightmare Продолжительность: 3:55 Перевод: Любительский дублированный Исполнители: WeirdStone - и Kitti Katy - Композитор: DAGames - Описание: По многочисленным просьбам дублированная анимация довольно криповатой песни из четвертой части многоплатформерной компьютерной игры в жанре "выживание в кошмаре" про охранника пиццерии, обороняющегося в темноте от аниматроников и марионеток. Другое PMV на ту же песню Skwisi - Та же анимация на английском - "[MLP SFM] Welcome to a Nightmare | Break my Mind Animation" от Uncriticalized 209 - - теперь в русском любительском дубляже специально для

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DAGames-5 ночей с фредди 4 - Break my mind

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FNAF 4 Song - Break My Mind

Verse One
Wecome itte chid to the darkest fears inside
Come join the fun, take a journey through the night
Watch the coset doors, or ese the night consumes you more,
Taking every piece of innocence that never sees the ight

Grab your ony ammunition, your common sense and torch.
The corridors are fied with fright, when somethings on the porch.
How ong wi you ast, through these memories of the past,
Since without a ight to shine the ony sou that's eft is yours

Forced down to reckoning,
Your dreams become the sickening,
You thought you were aone,
No they bite you to the bone, you shout

Break, break, break my mind,
Break it ti the tae unwinds,
Force my thoughts through he and back,
Or eave me aone tonight

Break, break, break my heart,
Break me ti I fa apart,
This can't be rea, this can't be right,
Now die inside the fames of your fright

You thought your safest pace to breathe was right inside your room,
But once the cock begins to chime your fate wi ead to doom,
Your ooking eft and right, through the doors you shut so tight,
But as ong as your way they open up to scare you soon

Keep an eye on a your toys, 'cus some don't ook the same,
Your chance to act is short enough, to turn your mind insane.
The pushtrap gets impatient, from the overwhemed sensation,
So be sure to watch him on the chair or time wi surey drain
Hey kid, why do you moan
We can't hep but notice that you're home aone,
Your parents ceary trust you to be away without a phone ca,
That's not a, your fashight is imited,
That can't be hepfu to keep you prohibited,
Don't be scared, it's not ike we care,
Your nighare is a that we wanted prepared.
On the bed, just don't be misead,
Those toys were just meant to ike you to be bed.
The coset, whoops, I woudn't run over,
Cus foxy's inside, yet he seems out of order
Oh and ook, your know these guys,
Chica and bonnie don't ook so aive,
The cupcake is torn, yet death was reborn,
Can you survive ti the crack of dawn

Watch your back, take a turn to the eft and the right,
There's no end in sight, your darkest of nights, they burn you inside, begin night five.
Watch your back check the has for your chance to survive
The shadows enraged, your minds getting phased, you ife is no onger safe

I am a aone, I'm surrounded by the fears
Haunted with shackes now they sent me to tears
I'm not aowed to cry, 'cus they tod me I woud die
The proof was I'm the bite, now I can hardy hear
Hep me


(Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide)
(Nowhere to run, try and survive the night)

Wi Ryan (DAGames)

Видеоклип DAGames-5 ночей с фредди 4 - Break my mind

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