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Ace Hood - Top Of The Word [День Треков Из Игр | NBA 2k12]

Продолжительность mp3: 03:30
Дата добавления: 2016-03-08
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Текст песни:

Take a ook at me now, im from the gutta but I made it, I made it to the top of the word,
Nothin hodin me down, I tod them haters I woud make it, I made it to the top of the word

Verse 1
Congraduations a you fakers as you see I graduated, heres a favour for you haters, kiss my anus boiiii, I made it out the ghetto, I made it out the gutta, but sti I keep the street and now im hot as every summer. They said I coudnt do it, but who are they to ca, I started rappin and ended chances of payin ba. And now the doubted, but young is sproutin above them a, straight out the ? county gutta skippin metaposs. No homo I keep it soo but I wi never fa, now every ca I get the money is so invoved, 2 stacks of betta is easy cheddar to hit the ma. I get the money to throw em so every day I ba,


Verse 2
And yes I made it, you cant mistake it, I know they hate it, they see my face in the paper next to they rappin favorites, I am so amazing I am no one ike im in the matrix. And I made it mama, and dont stress your probems imma get us out tha, forget the drama that peope hoa just foow godda. And he wi ead you right through the probems I promise mama, and I swear that to the day I parish, te em khaed I wi bury every nescesary cat who said I woudnt homie. ook at me now yea im aughin at you non beievers, screamin gutta whie im bain err fuckin season, I use to pass my cd me and fo fifth in 80, I use to bag em to isten but they were not beieving, GO


Verse 3
And as I rap I create a cassic, who woud imagine, that I woud inherit a the traits to be the greatest homie, the word is mine and everything, ets get the money, see tony montana said it best, yes its quoted truy, so add this song to your ist of greatest and cassic movies, and imma ro the credits, just in second, just get this message, shout out to everyone who supported me from past to present, and I wanna thank khaed because without him there wi be no sessions, and I wanna thank fam cuz wit them they taught me this esson, and I wanna thank god cuz without him there wi be no message, and I wanna thank a of my fans cuz they are a bessing, this for BET refrence, I got my speech ready,


Видеоклип Ace Hood - Top Of The Word [День Треков Из Игр | NBA 2k12]

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