Лучшие песни Для игры в шутеры 13Bad Meets Evi Eminem Royce Da 5'9 Fast ane OST "Форсаж 6"

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(Для игры в шутеры 13)Bad Meets Evi Eminem Royce Da 5'9 - Fast ane (OST

Продолжительность mp3: 04:12
Дата добавления: 2016-04-07
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Текст песни:

First verse, uh
Im on ti Im on a isand
My ifes ridin on the Autobahn on autopiot
Before I touch dirt, I ki you a wit kindness
I ki ya, my natura personas much worse
Youve been warned if youve been born or if you can form
Sap up a cop and then snatch im out of his uniform
eave him wit his socks, hard bottoms and boomers on
And hang him by his bas from the horn of a unicorn
Ya niggas inteect mad sow, ya fags know
Caimin you bangin, you famin
Bet you coud ight your own cigarette witcha asshoe
Me and Shady deaded the past, so that basicay resurrected my cashfow
I might rap tight as the snatch of a fat dyke
Though I aint wrapped tight
My bood types the 80s
My 90s was ike the Navy, you was ike the Bradys
You sti fy kites daiy

Catch me in my Mercedes
Bumpin Ice, Ice Baby, screamin Shady ti I die
ike a haf a pair of dice, ifes crazy
So I ive it to the fuest ti Im Swayze
And you ony ive it once, so Im thinkin bout this nice, nice ady
Wait, no, stop me now fore I get on a ro (Damn)
et me te you what this pretty itte dames name is, cause shes kinda famous
And I hope that I dont sound too heinous when I say this
Nicki Minaj, but I wanna stick My penis in your anus
You morons think that Im a genius
Reay I beong inside a dang insane asyum, ceanin, try them traier parks
Crazy, I am back, and I am razor-sharp, baby
And thats back wit a capita B wit an excamation mark, maybe
You shoud isten when I fip the inguistics
Cause Imonna rip this mystica sick shit
You dont wanna become another victim or statistic of this shit
Cause after I spit the buets, Ima treat these she casings ike a soccer ba
Ima kick the baistics So get this dick, Ima ive this

ivin ife in the fast ane
Movin at the speed of ife and I cant sow down
Ony got a gaon in the gas tank
But Im amost at the finish ine, so I cant stop now

I dont reay know where Im headed, just enjoyin the ride
Just gon ro ti I drop and ride ti I die
Im ivin ife in the fast ane (Peda to the meta)
Im ivin ife in the fast ane (Peda to the meta)

My whoe goa as a poets to be reaxed in orbit
At war wit a botte, this Captain Morgan attacks my organs
My sow fow is euphoric, its ike I rap endorphins
I made a pact with the Devi that says I et you take me
You et me take this shove, dig up the corspes, Jack Kevorkian
Go back and forth in more beef that you can pack a fork in
Im ivin the ife of the infinite enemy down
My tenement, too many now, to send my serenity powers
Spin em around, enterin in the vicinity

Now, was caed Eminem, but he threw away the candy and ate the rapper
Chewed him up (Pt) and spitted him out
Gir, giddy-up, now get, get down
Hes ookin around this cub and it ooks ike peope are havin a shit fit now
Here, itte t-t-traier trash, take a ook whos back in t-t-town
Did I s-st-stutter, motherfucker? Fuck them a, hes just
A whoe motherfuckin Wamart d-d-down every time a-r-r-round
And he came to the cub tonight wit 59? to hod this bitch down
ike a motherfuckin chick underwater, he tryna d-dr-drown
Shawty, when you dance, you got me captivated
Just by the way that you keep ickin them dicks ike ips, Im agitated, aggravated
To the point you dont suck my dick, then youre gonna get decapitated
Other words, you dont fuckin give me head, then Im have to take it

And then after takin that, Ima catch a case, its gon be fascinatin
Its gon say The whoe rap game passed away on top of the affadavit
Graduated from master debater sash massive masturbator
To Michae Jackson activator (Woo)
Meanin Im on fire off the top, might wanna back up th

Видеоклип (Для игры в шутеры 13)Bad Meets Evi Eminem Royce Da 5'9 - Fast ane (OST "Форсаж 6")

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