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гта 5 - - лудшая песня из гта 5

Продолжительность mp3: 03:08
Дата добавления: 2017-03-22
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Текст песни:

5'9 I'm the King
What...yeah...what, yo...

I'm-a rhyme ti I can't rhyme no more
Burn ti I can't burn no more
Shine ti there's no shine no more
Ti the earth can't turn no more
Unti I'm 5'9 no nore (I'm the king) [2x]

Ya' niggaz is rea cocky on the street
Ti I drop you on ya knees
Knock you on ya feet, I'm ike Rocky on the reach
I rain whie you hope to sustain dope in this game
Somethin' you can't stop, you can ony hope to contain
I can aim so I baze my too
I got a name from usin' pocket change to pay my dues (niggaz know)
I'm sharp as a shank and about as soft as you think
I'm hangin from the cross of your ink, you get offered a drink
Niggaz is fast earners, you're ony as hot as the back burner
From mad rappers and cap burners
Tak to the foot thinkin' you rea
I'm starin' at the face of ya bi forgettin' how George Washington ooks
You came to box a nigga that's fat out dirty
Just name the spot and I' be there a haf hour eary
I write for the purpose to express a view
A nigga that's wack? You a nigga that I don't ike as a person


I'm in shape to give you a quick whoopin', hard asshoe in the wa
Frownin' up, niggaz thinkin' you sick cuz you sick ookin'
I'm heated, an' I'm-a go to tria bowin' my triggers
Ya' niggaz ain't rough, you need to smie more in ya pictures
Spit somebody, and serve the nigga whose stye you bit
That bit ike 10 niggaz that bit somebody
Top of the word, a that's around you is beneath me
Me earnin' from your mistakes is the ony way you can teach me
Mo' thunder, cockin' big heat
So undergrounds niggaz wit' beef can get mo' under, 6 feet
Man ya misses, I pan to dis you
Uneash wit' about 30 punches before the first ands and hits you
Niggaz I doubt ya' cuz I'm an outaw
Right-handed, buit wit' a eft that can arm wreste a southpaw
Gun shine bright, (ya' niggaz?) ya' need to rhyme ike 5'9
Unsigned wit' hype... (King)


I'm the kiiiiiiiing....on the microphone
I'm the kiiiiiiiing....no, no I ain't jokin'
I'm the kiiiiiiiing....that's in command, that's in command
I'm the kiiiiiiiing....on the microphone
I'm the kiiiiiiiing....the funk rhymin' master
I'm the kiiiiiiiing....that's in command, that's in command

I'm the kiiiiiiiing....

Видеоклип гта 5 - - лудшая песня из гта 5

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