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Run The Jewes - Bockbuster Night (Need for Speed 2015 OST)

Продолжительность mp3: 02:32
Дата добавления: 2016-11-02
Текст просмотрен: 521
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Текст песни:

Bunches and bunches, punches is thrown unti youre frontess
Oodes and oodes, bang buets at suckas' noodes
ast abum voodoo, proved that we was fuckin' bruta
Im taking crazy, haf past the cock is cuckoo
You rappers doodoo, baby shit, just basic boo boo
Im Shaka Zuu, Mansa Musa, my money buku
My beats is bangin, fuck what you rappin, who produced you?
I sapped the snot, take what ya got and Run The Jewes you

You itsy bitsy furry fright and frickin' sicky
A itte pricky, dick on dispay for Winter swimming
ook at these kitties, Mike, I'mma rat-a-tat 'em for iving
I dea in dirty work, do the deed and then dash, ditch 'em
I'd end a hand but they stuck in a fist and gun position
We run our brand where destruction's the number one commient
Its a a joke between mom contractions and coffin fittings
So we disappear in the smoke ike we're fuckin' magicians

No hocus pocus, you simpe suckers been served a notice
Top of the morning, my fist to your face is fucking Fogers
We might be giants, standing on itte dandy shouders
You punks is pussy proverbia pansy panty hoders
I Jake the Snake em, DDT em in mausoeums
Macabre massacres kiing cunts in my coosseum
They a actors, giving top in back of a BM
Id fa back if the casting cas are ending in semen

I'm the fouest, no need for any evauations
I'm a phaus for Johnson and Jimmy spraying faces
Any cow that is sacred wi get deface'd
ike any tyrant murderer gets repaced, face it
The feows at the top are ikey rapists
But you ike "Meow out man, just reax, it's reay not that compicated"
We pardon me, I guess I'm just as sane as you expain'ed
Or maybe sanctifying the sadistic is derange'd

This Run The Jewes is, murder, mayhem, meodic music
Psychotics use it then ose it, junkies simpy abuse it
That's word to Phiip Seymour Hoffman, I'm pushin coffin
I probaby sme ike a pound when they put me in a coffin
The gates of he are pugnaciousy pacin', waitin'
I give a fuck if I'm ate, te Satan be patient
But I ain't here for durations, I'm just taking vacations
And te 'em fuck 'em, I never oved 'em and sautations

Видеоклип Run The Jewes - Bockbuster Night (Need for Speed 2015 OST)

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