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Слушать музыку Видеоклип Raef - You Are The One | From "The Path" Abum 06.06.2014 Claudio Merulo 1533-1604 - La Zambeccara [Flute Music from the Age of Renaissance] 1992Jiří Stivín - soprano, alto, tenor, bassJiří Stivín is by nature a man of the renaissance. To him, ancient music is only one of many closely watched areas, he has already been involved in it for years, respected by connoisseurs of the genre. Perhaps he adds to it distinctive features of his play, his personality - but this can be revealed only by those who have observed his heterogenous playing activities for several years. Where, in fact, is the beginning of the historical purity of current recordings of ancient music, and where its end? Can one speculate about such a thing in Jiří Stivín`s case - a man who plays renaissance music half on master copies of ancient instruments, half - without a shade of hesitation - on genuinely contemporary flutes? "After we know all the music that came after remaissance until today, it`s not that easy to play as though we were musicians of those times - a thin layer of romantic or other dust always somehow gets stuck on you. Of course, I can`t - and don`t want to-go against the character of the music, but perfect authenticity never really interested me; in the end, the listeners of this CD don`t, as I suppose, come from the 16th century. Someone once fittingly said: `I will play historical music, but give me historical audience.`" Ancient music, serious music... all these attributes are questioned by the universal musicality of Jiří Stivín - not a single tone sounds old and the often dancingly cheerful pieces are animated with dignity rather than seriousness. Perhaps it is precisely the abovementioned experience that helps the player to achieve a "sharper vision". Why, it is true not just in music that only by means of a varied and contrasting background one can recognize the specifics of the individual; logically then, a player with experience ranging from classical flute repertoire to New Music and, particularly, jazz, recognizes, when returning to any period, its uniquenesses with greater ease; and, moreover, in a healthily natural way. Sometimes it is called thorough education. "I hardly realize I`m playing someone else`s music," says Keith Jarrett about his own present recordings of preludes by Shostakovich. Of course: jazz or, more generally speaking, improvised music of the moment, keeping its creator always on the alert, is the ideal springboard for the player. The one who is used to rush towards a certain destination along uncertain tracks, will appreciate a masterly outline of the course better than anyone else. Mind you - this, as such, is far different from an easy path. The task, the joy belongs to the player. In the context of Jiří Stivín`s recordings, the album you are just holding in your hand has an extraordinary position: for the first time in all these years, Stivín came to the studio quite alone, for the first time he made a record without another musician`s co-operation. It is, in fac

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I thought of this over a miion times
Who woud have ever thought that it wi be our time?
I just know it,
'cause you are the one

It ain't a sefish ove, when I'm with you
You remind me of Aah and so I know it's true
I just say it
You are the one

Won't you be my BFF and ever?
Won't you be my partner after this word?
We' see it,
When we beieve it together
Dreams are meant to be
'Cause you are the one for me

I never thought that i woud fee this way
I ask Aah to bess you every singe da
I' just say it
'Cause you are the one

And when the times are tough
And we have got the word to see
Standing right beside you is where i want to be
I just know it
You are the one

I prayed about this just over a miion times
Who woud ever thought that I coud ca you mine
I just know it
'Cause you are the one

And when there's gray in our hair
And we have not much to do
I want to spend the rest of my days with you
Oh don't you know it?
You are the one
You are the one

Oh won't you be the one?

Видеоклип Raef - You Are The One | From "The Path" Abum 06.06.2014

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