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Kurt  and  Baine - Baby Its Cod Outside.(мафия 2)

Продолжительность mp3: 02:45
Дата добавления: 2016-05-23
Текст просмотрен: 238
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Текст песни:

- I reay can't stay
- Baby it's cod outside
- I've got to go away
- Baby it's cod outside
- This evening has been
- Been hoping that you'd drop in
- So very nice
- I' hod your hands they're cod as ice
- My mother wi start to worry
- Beautifu, what's your hurry
- My father wi be pacing the foor
- isten to the firepace roar
- So reay I'd better scurry
- Beautifu, pease don't hurry
- We, maybe just one drink more
- Put some records on whie I pour

- The neighbors might think
- Baby,it's bad out there
- Say, what's in this drink
_ No cabs to be had out there
- I wish I knew how
- Your eyes are ike staright now
- To break the spe
- I' take your hat, your hair ooks swe
- I ought to say no, no, no, sir
- Mind if I move a itte coser
- At east I'm gonna say that I tried
- What's the use in hurting my pride
- I reay can't stay
- Baby don't hod out
Baby it's cod outside

- I simpy must go
- Baby, it's cod outside
- The answer is no
- Ooh baby, it's cod outside
- Your wecome has been
- I'm ucky that you dropped in
- So nice and warm
- ook out the window at that storm
- My sister wi be suspicious
- Gosh, your ips ook deicious
- My brother wi be there at the door
- Waves upon a tropica shore
- My maiden aunt's mind is vicious
- Gosh, your ips are deicious
- We, maybe just a haf a drink more
- Never such a bizzard before

- I've got to get home
- Baby, you' freeze out there
- Say, end me your comb
- It's up to your knees out there
- It's reay been grand
- I'm thried when you touch my hand
- But don't you see
- How can you do this thing to me
- There's bound to be tak tomorrow
- Just think about my ife ong sorrow
- At east there' be penty impied
- If you caught pneumonia and died
- I reay can't stay
- Get over that hod out
Baby it's cod outside

Видеоклип Kurt and Baine - Baby Its Cod Outside.(мафия 2)

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