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EminEm - Marsha Mathers (OST GTA Vice City)

Продолжительность mp3: 05:21
Дата добавления: 2017-02-20
Текст просмотрен: 525
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Текст песни:

You know I just don't get it
ast year I was nobody
This year I'm sein records
Now everybody wants to come around ike I owe em somethin
What the fuck you want from me, ten miion doars
fuck out of here

You see I'm, just Marsha Mathers (Marsha Mathers)
I'm just a reguar guy,
I don't know why a the fuss about me (fuss about me)
Nobody ever gave a fuck before,
a they did was doubt me (did was doubt me)
Now everybody wanna run they mouth
and try to take shots at me (take shots at me)

Yo, you might see me Joggin, you might see me wakin
You might see me wakin a dead rottweier dog
with it's head chopped off in the park with a spiked coar
hoerin at him cause the son of a bitch won't quit barkin(grrrr, ARF ARF)
Or eanin out a window hodin a cocked shotgun
Drivin up the bock in the car they shot 'Puc in
ookin for Big's kiers, dressed in ridicuous
bue and red ike I don't see what the big dea is
Doube barre tweve gauge bigger than Chris Waace
Pissed off, cause Biggie and 'Pac just missed a this
Watchin a these cheap imitations get rich off 'em
and get doars that shouda been thier's ike they switched waets
And amidst a this Crist' poppin and wristwatches
I had to sit back and just watch and just get nauseous
and wak around with an empty botte of Remi Martin
startin shit ike some 26-year-od skinny Caran
I'm anti-Backstreet and Ricky Martin
The instinct to ki N'Sync, don't get me started
These fuckin brats can't sing and Britney's garbage
What's this bitch retarded? Gimme back my sixteen doars
A I see is sissies in magazines smiing
Whatever happened to whyin out and bein vioent?
Whatever happened to catchin a good-o' fashioned
passionate ass-whoopin and gettin your shoes coat and your hat tooken?
New Kids on the Bock, sucked a ot of dick
Boy and gir groups make me sick
And I can't wait 'ti I catch a you faggots in pubic
I'ma ove it.. (hahaha)
Vania Ice don't ike me (uh-uh)
Said some shit in Vibe to spite me (yup)
Then went and dyed his hair just ike me (hehe)
A bunch of itte kids wanna swear just ike me
and run around screamin, "I don't care, just bite me" (nah nah)
I think I was put here to annoy the word
and destroy your itte 4-year-od boy or gir
Pus I was put here to put fear in faggots who spray Faygo Root Beer
and ca themseves cowns cause they ook queer
Faggot 2Dope and Sient Gay
Caimin Detroit, when y'a ive twenty mies away
Im not a wrester, I' knock you fuckin back and the fuck out
Ask 'em about the cub they was at when they snuck out
after they ducked out the back when they saw us and punked out(AHHH)
Ducked down and got paintbas shot at they truck, baow
ook at y'a runnin your mouth again
when you ain't seen a fuckin Mie Road, South of 10
And I don't need hep, from D-12, to beat up two femaes
in make-up, who may try to scratch me with ee Nais
"Sim Anus," you damn right, Sim Anus
I don't get fucked in mine ike you two itte faming faggots

Cause I'm, just Marsha Mathers (Marsha Mathers)
I'm not a wrester guy,
I' knock you out if you tak about me (you tak about me)
Come and see me on the streets aone
if you asshoes doubt me (asshoes doubt me)
And if you wanna run your mouth
then come take your best shot at me (your best shot at me)

Is it because you ove me that y'a expect so much of me?
You itte groupie bitch, get off me, go fuck Puffy
Now because of this bond mop that's on top
and this fucked up head that I've got, I've gone pop? (pop)
The underground just spunned around and did a 360
Now these kids diss me and act ike some big sissies
"Oh, he just did some shi

Видеоклип EminEm - Marsha Mathers (OST GTA Vice City)

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